About us

My name is Tony Zuniga, I am the founder of FXTA. I opened my first trading account with FXCM in October 2006, and quickly discovered trading to be a thrilling yet challenging endeavor. I have traded for over twelve years and know how difficult Forex trading is to learn. I also know that 95% of retail traders lose money. I have the desire to help those that do not have the means to spend thousands of dollars, or the time to devote countless hours to learn the ins and outs of trading. Out of the desire to help others, FX Trade Action was created. I made a commitment to trading a long time ago that I would stick with it long enough, to get good enough, to make a difference.

FX Trade Action is currently trading a fully automated algorithm strategy that takes the human emotion out of the trading equation.

This accomplishes the two most important goals of FX Trade Action:

1. Protect your capital

2. Grow your account

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